ITA Annual Meeting and Industry Update
September 10, 2020, 10:00 a.m. - Noon

       ITA Annual Meeting
       Financial Report – Ann Dickerson, ITA Treasurer  
       Nominating Committee Report – Jim Broemmer, ITA Nominating Committee Chair

       Illinois Small Company Exchange Carrier Association (ISCECA) Annual Meeting
       Jim Broemmer, ISCECA Board of Directors Chair

       Illinois Telecommunications Access Corporation (ITAC) Annual Meeting
       Joji Aguilar, ITAC Board of Directors President

       Universal Telephone Assistance Corporation (UTAC) Annual Meeting
        Karen Boswell, UTAC Board of Directors Vice-Chair

       Telecom & Broadband Legislative and Policy Update
        Randy Nehrt, ITA President

       Randy will provide a summary of legislative and policy matters pertaining to the broadband industry in
       Illinois this year and a preview of potential telecom and broadband issues the state legislature and other
       policymakers may try to address in 2021.

       Mapping Illinois Broadband Services – Connected Nation
       Chip Spann – Director Engineering & Technical Services, Connected Nation

       Ashley Hitt – Vice President of GIS Services, Connected Nation

       Connected Nation, through its partnership with the Illinois Office of Broadband, has been asked to gather
       new and updated data to be used to determine areas served, unserved, and underserved by broadband
       across the State. Connected Nation will be reaching out to all broadband providers for service area data
       and speed information for all fixed broadband service areas, to develop various layers for Illinois
       broadband maps that will be publicly available early next year. This presentation will review the project,
       data and information needs, as well as how individual provider information will be processed,
       aggregated, and analyzed to develop the broadband maps.

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