2020 Jack Tharp Scholarship Recipients

"These two students are great assets not only to our program but to the telecom field in general. They are eager to discuss our program with potential students who come through and take tours of our facility. Based upon my conversations with both individuals, both plan on staying in state and work in the telecommunications field.  I want to thank the ITA and its membership for supporting our Broadband Telecom Program.  This partnership is important to the students and us as instructors and hope to be able to repay the support in some way."

Travis Matthews
Lead Instructor- Telecommunications Technology Program
Lincoln Trail College


Will Lehman
Will was chosen for the Jack Tharp Scholarship because he has shown his willingness and drive to succeed in the telecom field.  He sought us out as a high school student and made a decision early last fall to attend Lincoln Trail College and pursue a degree in Broadband Telecom.  In class, Will has shown the initiative to take on several responsibilities and has the demeanor that will aid him in working with others. This scholarship will help Will pay for school fees and travel expenses, as he drives over an hour each way to school each day.

Trent Matthews
Trent made the decision to attend Lincoln Trail College’s Broadband Telecom during his senior year.  He took a couple dual-credit courses that helped him make the final decision to major in Broadband Telecom.  Trent is a quadruplet, and survived cancer a couple years ago, so he has the experience of dealing with stressful situations and people from all walks of life. The Broadband Telecom program has allowed Trent to “spread his wings” and take on learning experiences that he would never have thought possible.  Trent was chosen for the Jack Tharp Scholarship on his classroom and personality merits. This scholarship will aid Trent with travel expenses and school and lab fees.