2017 Jack Tharp Scholarship Recipients

"These three students have shown to be great assets not only to our program but to the telecom field in general.  I think they have a good future in the business and hopefully will stay within the state and keep the tradition alive.  I want to thank the ITA and its membership for once again supporting our Program.  This partnership is important to the students and us as instructors and hope to be able to repay the support in some way."

Jesse Allen
Lead Instructor- Telecommunications Technology Program
Lincoln Trail College

  • Jacob Brown is a new student starting this fall.  He worked part time jobs all through high school to help support himself.  This financial assistance will help with his travel expenses driving an hour each day to and from college.
  • Tammy Pierson is a non-traditional student.  Her husband has health issues and the scholarship will help her pay for books, tools and extra cost in pursuing a career field in telecommunications.
  • Gerald Skolte has struggled financially for years growing up and lives with his grandparents.  His grandfather passed away last semester and he now helps support his grandmother who has health issues.