2019 Vendor Showcase Presenters:

"The Evolution of the Smart Home: Three Steps in the Journey"

Greg Baldauf, Smart Home & Business Solutions Specialist, Calix, Inc. 

To complete effectively, increase revenue from broadband, and expand the footprint in the home. It all stars with Managed Wi-Fi, then progresses to Whole Home Wi-Fi, culminating in the Smart Home.

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"Finding the Funding: Loan & Grant Best Practices"

Kristy Szabo, Director of Consulting, Vantage Point Solutions

More and more broadband funding programs are popping up across the country. These grants and loans specific for broadband deployments can drastically reduce build-out expenses, making previously affordable broadband build-outs feasible; but securing these funds isn't easy as filling out an applications then watching the money appear. Application requirements often require months of preparation, with robust reporting requirements during and after the build. So what are the opportunities, what stings come attached, and what's a company to do? Kristy Szabo, Director of Consulting, answers these questions and more, walking step-by-step through grant and loan programs and application best practices. How do you define a budget? why engage a Professional Engineer? is Strategic Planning really important? How complicated can timelines really be? Join Kristy as she answers these questions and more with insights build on experience. 

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"Enabling the IoT: a WLAN Security Wake-up Call"

Andrew Walding, President, CellStream, Inc.

In this presentation, Andy will be providing a demonstration of the WLAN/ WI-Fi security issues most people overlook or have never heard of. This active demonstration will change the way telecom professionals use Wi-Fi. 

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"The Fixed Wireless Access Sooth"

Warren Vande Stadt, Senior Technology Leader, Vantage Point Solutions

With the advent of 5G, fantastic things are being promoted for Fixed Wireless Access. Gigabit Speeds! 100-kilometer range! $100 per subscriber! As good as Fiber! Indeed, exciting developments are emerging, but no one solution fits all applications or meets all of these claims. Board Members and Decision Makers will want to attend "The Fixed Wireless Access Sooth" for a realistic, non-engineering "demystifying" of the guiding characteristics of this technology that are emerging with 5G those that must be evaluated to determine weather or not Fixed Wireless Access will be a viable solution for your network and business. 

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Alec Fenichel,Software Developer, TransNexus 

Robocalls, scams and fraudulent calling have undermined consumer trust in the telephone network.  In this session Stacy Graham (Inteliquent) and Alec Fenichel (TransNexus) will address the current industry hot topic of STIR/SHAKEN as well as a general overview of understanding the risk of fraud to you and your network, and what you can do to help protect yourself.  Join us for this session to learn about:  A brief history of Robocalls, regulatory initiatives, SHAKEN Trust Anchor, Digitally signed Identity Tokens, Calling Party trust levels, how SHAKEN makes call trace back quick and easy, and Deployment timelines – when will SHAKEN be here; Understand the risk of fraud to your company and network, potential cost impact, the types and methods of fraud to lookout for, guidance on educating your consumers and some best practices to protect you, your network, and your customers.

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'Exploring the Role of the Illinois Commerce Commission Regarding Cybersecurity Risk for Critical Infrastructure" 

Dominic Seabeler, Director of Cybersecurity and Risk Management, Illinois Commerce Commission

As cyber threats to U.S. critical infrastructure (CI) evolve and intensify public utility commissions across the country are researching, assessing and engaging with service providers that are considered part of CI both large and small.  Though providers differ state to state, the treat is present and growing at every level.  In Illinois, the ICC through its Office of Cybersecurity and Risk Management is actively engaged with companies providing key services such as electric, gas, water, network and communication(s).  Co-dependencies and reliance exist across these sub categories especially during threat and crisis situations.  This discussion will focus on what the ICC and other Commissions are doing to ensure the most secure environment possible, promoting collaboration and increased security postures and why this is effort and participation is important to the ITA as well as other service providers.  Topics will include joint exercises for practicing responses, threat intelligence sharing, approaches to increased security, information and system protection standards, resources for securing OT/IT as well as other opportunities for increased learning, response vigilance and threat awareness.   

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Safety Training: Awareness of Potential Risks and Dangers of Clandestine Meth Laboratories

Master Sergeant Luke Satterlee, Overwatch Consulting Group

There are many on-the-job hazards associated with roles filled by employees in the field of Telecommunications.  This block of training was designed to heighten awareness of potential risks and dangers commonly seen in clandestine methamphetamine laboratory environments, as well as, providing attendees with information on current clandestine drug laboratory trends.  This training should enhance safety and awareness, enabling employees to make informed, safe decisions in accordance with their company’s policies / procedures and the law.

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State of Illinois Legislative Update

Randy Nehrt, Illinois Telecommunications Association

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