Underground Facilities Damage Prevention

Bill: SB 1570

Sponsor: Sen. Rezin

Status: Senate – Third Reading (Third Reading Deadline Extended to May 31)

Position: Neutral

Description: Underground Utility Damage Prevention Act (JULIE) Rewrite

Senate Bill 1570 is a proposal from JULIE, Inc. to update the Underground Utility Facilities Damage Prevention Act. The bill is a comprehensive rewrite of the law. JULIE, Inc. has a fact sheet explaining the proposed changes to the Act and an executive summary on its website.

Bill: HB 3507

Sponsor: Rep. John Connor

Status: Re-referred to House Rules Committee

Position: Neutral

Description: Underground – IT Infrastructure

House Bill 3507 amends the Illinois Underground Utility Facilities Damage Prevention Act to include in the definition of “underground utility facilities,” wires, ducts, fiber optic cable, conduits, pipes, sewers, and cables and their appurtenances installed underground for information technology infrastructure, equipment, systems, software, networks, and processes used to create, send, receive, and store electronic or digital information, including computer systems, telecommunication services and systems, and future technologies.